New Puppy Updates!
Rocky and Ceeno

The Quintessential Herding Group Winning Cardigan!
Winbuck's Mosaic Wheel D'Fortune UDX8 OGM HSAd VCX

Ferris watching for the jump signal in Utility B at the Nationals

Back to back BOB at the Rockford/Freeport shows September 2013!
and again at Greentown, IN shows May 2014!

GCH Ch Winbuck's Mosaic Wheel D'Fortune UDX8 OGM HT HSAd VCX
Group Winner, Group placer, CERF Clear, Fluff Clear,
PRA Clear, OFA Fair, PennHipp,
absolutely impeccable temperament!

Available to select bitches.
Frozen semen available thru ICSB-AtLanta

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A Well Balanced Dog Has A Title At Both Ends Of Their Name

Champion Winstonwil the Chrome Nun, Utility Dog Excellent, CGC

Cisco was recognized nationally in 1994, 95 and 96 in Front Finish for top scoring Cardigan Welsh Corgi. 20 years later her Great Grand Children and their progeny continue the excellent temperament and intelligence in our Corgis.
We Loved this dog so much!

And wherever she went when she died, is where I want to go when I do!

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