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The Best in Show from the 2005 WAKO Show

Here is a tank shot of Fp.avichang we picked up at the AKA 2004 convention. Fish available off and on. Currently waiting on eggs.
Click on the picture for a gallery of photos.

Riv. uroflammeus siegfreidi

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We also have some land in Traverse City,
Michigan for sale.


SLAKA Auction entry form and label maker as an interactive PDF form
This form makes labels along with the form you fill out.
The form and labels can be printed and saved and e-mailed filled out to me at charles @

Here is a fish to check out, I don't think it is a Killie but judge for yourself.

Things For Sale E-Mail Us

Pairs of Gold Australe ...........$8.00
Your box or return mine.

Pairs of Ep. annulatus Monrovia .....- None available this summer 2012.

Pairs of Aph. elberti (bualanum) N'tui ..... We lost the fish :-( will have to look for more.

Shipping fish is weather dependent. Saturday via Priority Mail usually gets a box to the other end on Monday, Tuesday the latest. The west coast may need Express Mail to avoid freezing/overheating & delays.

See Items for sale:

Levamisole HCl for treatment of Camallanus Nematodes and other internal parasites. See Items for Sale

FLUBENDAZOLE 10 % Water soluble Powder treats protozoa wasting disease, serious treatment for Velvet, enternal and external parasites, half gram treats 20 gallons Gets rid of unwanted snails without killing everything else, even the MLS .......
It is the BEST Hydra treatment available.

$20.00 for 25 grams,
$35.00 for 50 gams plus Priority Mail Postage ($5.50 US & $ 14.50 to Canada )
PayPal is an additional 3.75%
Updated 8-9-12.

Flubendazole CAS No. : 31430-15-6
Methyl{5-(4-fluoro benzoyl)-1H-benzimidazol-2-yl}carbamate

Background and treatment methods for using Flubendazole.PDF

JAKA Article on Flubendazole and resources

I accept PayPal for their fee and ship via Priority Mail in most

We have been wandering around looking for web sites with more educational information about the aquatic environment and have found a few:

Check out Aquarium Guys for your fish tank needs. You can find great deals on fish tank lights and fish tank heaters for just about any size aquarium.

The Chicago Show 2011

2010 WAKO Show

2009 AKA Convention

2009 WAKO Show

2008 AKA Convention in New York

2008 MASI Show Snap Shots

A photo Gallery of the 2007 AKA Convention

A photo gallery of the 2005 WAKO Show

Equatorial Guinea

The complete 2005 AKA Convention Photo Gallery Link

One third of the 2005 Convention Photos

2nd third of 2005 Convention Photos

3rd third of 2005 Convention Photos

The WAKO 2004 get together

Grindal Worm culture

AKA 2004 Convention Photos

SLAKA meeting at Trevors'

Worm cutting & Picnic at Trevors'

Photos from Michianna Karnaval (3-3-04)

Photos from Anderson, IN Visit

Photos from the 2003 WAKO Show and Auction

Some photos from the Cameroons HAH 1998 trip

American Killifish Association Home Page

Native Fish Nuts will enjoy:

Killifish of Western Africa Compiled by Tim Addis Is a deeply indexed and searchable information center!
from across the Big Pond.

Killie Nutz is a website which is maintained by Tom Grady, he gives a lot of info, a fish and egg list,
species maintenance list, links etc. etc.

Eric Olson's well known The Krib for general information about tropical fish aquariums, etc.
Information about their Water Chemistry.

Central Pets - a general Pet supply and Information center

The Age of Aquariums

Diseases of Aquatic Organisms and their Online Services

Symptom-based treatment of common Discus diseases

Flordia Fish Farm Coop for medications, a little personal commitment is necessary but they have a complete pharmacy

Brine shrimp cysts(eggs) are available from BrineShrimpDirect

Center for Aquatic and Invasive Plants

A tropical fish keepers site from Atlanta is the Fish Club Central at Fish Club Central

The Killi Dome Everything to start with Killifish/Killies

The web site of North West Killies.

The Web works from Tony Terceira
Visit Their Web Site:

A graphly intense site with JAVA and lots of links. Very Interesting! : Home of microscopy and biology in the UK

Livefood Culture Information

The Tetra Web Site This is a great educational site and uses some of the JAVA for some real interesting effects.

Bid on AQUA_BID for fishes and fish stuff

Fish Room Photos

Orchid Show

Dead links happen, please tell us if there is a problem with any of the above links. Thanks, the management.

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