Levamisole and Flubendazole for fish tanks and aquariums available.
Updated February, 2019

LOW PRICES for Levamisole in Bulk !!!
USPS Mailing cost have increased.

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Chlorine Test Kit and Solution $12.50 for a 4 ounce Test Kit

Bromothymol Blue pH testing solution (4 oz solution) Kit ... $10.00
Standard Indicator for KH determination Yellow at pH 6.0, Green at pH 6.7, Blue at pH 7.6 “a pH meter in a bottle".

Fresh water use Levamisole HCl powder - serious treatment for Camallanus Nematode internal parasite infestation (see paper above) - 5 gram packet - $10.00 + postage treats 100 gallons of Fresh Water tank water.
As of 4-15-18, I do have Levamisole available and could send today. Depending on how you want it shipped, the cost would vary, $10.00 for 5 grams of the 100% powder, 2-5 grams @ $15.00, 3-5 grams @ $18.00, another 5 gram pack is another $3.00.
In Bulk, not packaged to treat: 100 grams is $90.00, 200 grams @ $160.00 and 300 grams @ $ 230.00, 500 grams @ $400.00.

Marine Use Levamisole HCl powder effective treatment for Flat worms in Reef Tanks. Caution in treatment. This is powerful medication and could kill a lot of worms at once. Do Not Use at Fresh Water Strength in the Marine Aquarium for Internal Parasites. It is not well tollerated in some Marine Fish. Be prepaired to change water to remove dead worms. They will be giving off toxins as they die.

One 5 gram pack (Cost - see above) treats appx. 400 gallons of Marine water.
Others follow an older method and use a 20.1 gram packet @ $20.00 plus postage (Priority Mail US $7.50, First Class, about $7.50, Canada $?.00)

Sodium Thiosulfate, crystals Chlorine Remover - 1 pound @ $6 + postage

Methylene Blue Solution 3% - 4 Oz. $12.75 + postage.

Acriflavine - Solution 2 % - 4 oz, $12.70 + postage. BACK IN STOCK

Spawning mops - 100 Strain Green, Specify Floating or NOT. $2.50 each + postage.

Fenbendazole. I do have Fenbendazole 10%. It works for a number of things but it is not absorbed through their skin or gills. It must be eaten to be effective. Pricing is the same as Flubendazole below.

Flubendazole 10 % powder
Postage is to increase in 2016 soon.
Best for eliminating Hydra. Treats protozoa wasting disease, serious treatment for Velvet, enternal and external parasites, 1/4 teaspoon of 10 % powder treats about 20 gallons of water for most parasitic Protozoa. Eliminate Carbon filtration during treatment. Change most of the water after 10 days. Will not harm plants, Prolonged use will kill most snails. ........

25 grams of 10% Flubendazole including Postage and paid through PayPal.com is $25.00 plus ?
50 gams for $43.50. Prioroty mail $8.25 paid thouugh PayPal.
100 grams for $81.25. Prioroty mail $8.25 paid thouugh PayPal.

Priority ? $27 Canada, $? most of the world. I take PayPal for payment of this medication.

Flubendazole CAS No. : 31430-15-6
Methyl{5-(4-fluoro benzoyl)-1H-benzimidazol-2-yl}carbamate

Background and treatment methods for using Flubendazole.PDF

JAKA Article on Flubendazole and resources

Chlorine/Chloroamine - Double Strength OTO Test Reagent 4 ounce bottle, standard industrial/ hobbyist type testing solution. Three drops in 10 ml of water in a clear glass test tube, a yellow brown color indicates the presence of chlorine. ...
4 oz bottle OTO double strength solution
$12.50. Complete test kit - with dropper bottle, test bottle and instructions - all plus standard postage, about $7.00
4 ounces = 15 drops per ml, 29 ml / ounce = 800+ tests. Solution stable for 12 months +.
The times of dechlorinating tap water by letting it stand for any reasonable length of time is gone. Chloroamine is stable. Testing for Chlorine has taken on a new importance.
OTO Chlorine Test Solution, a lot stronger than the Pool fellows offer. It is intended to detect the presence of Chlorine and Chloroamine. 1 to 2 drops and 30 seconds wait, slightest yellow indicates Chlorine.
There are two basic chlorine testing reagents being sold on the market today. OTO and DPD test reagents. They are about the same as far as their sensitivity, about 0.1 ppm chlorine/chloramine. Since the hobby is interested in removing all the chlorine, either test reagent works about equally well

The OTO reagent turns yellow with chlorine, DPD turns pink or red. The pink color maybe easier to see unless you are color blind. There are some things which are already yellow in our hobby and this may not be the best color to see. The DPD test kits are best as dry powders or tablets. The liquid is not as stable as OTO.
Since the liquid OTO is most stable and easiest for me to make, I have made up some bottles and offer them to the group. 

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