Treating Your water with Levamisole

Your package in the mail will contain a plastic bag inside a sealed plastic anti-stat envelope. The smallest amount of Levamisole HCl I send out is 5 grams. That is the amount necessary to treat 100 gallons of water.
If you dissolve that in water and pour it into 100 gallons, that is all that is needed to eliminate the Nematode worms present in the tank. Other problems come up though so read on . . .

The basic killing dosage for Levamisole HCl is 13 ppm.

5 grams in 100 gallons provides this. The crystalline powder is easy for anyone with a gram scale to weigh out but if you don't have one, then dissolve the powder and do the measuring by volume.

Here's how:

1. You need to know how much water you need to treat. If it is 100 gallons then it's 1 package and no problem. If it it less than that or a multiple then dissolve the powder in ten (10) units of water.

2. 10 units may be 10 teaspoons or 10 ounces or ten tablespoons, or it could be even 100 Milliliters that's 10 centiliters. Some way you can divide up the solution into equal parts later on.

3. 10 units will now treat 100 gallons of aquarium water. 1/10th of that will treat 10 gallons. that means that one of those measures, teaspsoons, tablespoons, etc. will treat 10 gallons. So you could spoon out the exact amount of medication for your aquarium. 2 spoon full for 20 gallons and 3 for 30 gallons.

Email me if you are still confused.

High water temperature intensifies the activity of Levamisole. Tank temperature around 75°F is best for treatment.

Treating your tank

1. Remove the Charcoal filtration and UV if you have it. Everything else should remain exactly the same. Same lights, same filters, same plastic figures and plants and same live plants and same temperature. pH doesn't matter. Everything that normally gets wet needs to be treated with the medication

2. Set the water temperature to about 75° F. Change the water in the tank to be treated, as close to all of it as you can. Don't try to scrub the tank clean. That destroys the Good bacteria and Protozoa and it will have to cycle those things back. That takes time and does harm to the fish etc. while it is working. Just change the water with your favorite Chlorine removing chemicals.

Make sure you have the solution you need for the treatment.

3. Pour in the solution of Levamisole and swirl it into the aquarium water to mix things completely.

4. Watch the fish for the next 3 days and 2 nights. Net out any dead ones. Let them dry on a news paper or paper towel and into the trash. NOT THE SINK or COMMODE! Don't put them back into our water system.

Any unused solution can be kept in a closed glass container, don't use a metal lid, in a refrigerator for 6 weeks as long as there is no evaporation.

Keep feeding the fish as usual. No reason to change anything. Besides, you want them to eliminate the dead Nematodes and need to keep things moving through the gut.

5. On the third day, change the water again to remove the dead Nematodes and the Medication.

That's it - But it has to be done again in 3 weeks. There is some question about the Levamisole killing eggs in ripe females. These eggs could be expelled after death and remain viable to hatch into more worms.

So, treat the tank in 3 weeks at the same rate you treated it first. Change the water in 3 days and you and your fish are free of the Nematode.